Integrating Catalogs

To whom it concerns

It concerns to production and / or trading companies of

  • furniture (kitchen, bathroom, general furniture)
  • furniture materials
  • surfaces
  • tiles
  • electrical appliances
  • sinks
  • hoods
  • accessories
How it works

Infowood Technologies undertakes the digitizing of customers’ catalogs in order to integrate them in OpenHome – 1992 online and make them available to users.

Also, Infowood Technologies undertakes the update of customers’ catalogs whenever there are changes.

The customer can choose which catalogs are available for all users or some of them.

Also, the customer can select the countries that his catalogs will appear to, as well as to define the language.

  • Assistance for investigation and establishment in new markets
  • Sales promotion
  • Customer support

Cost, depending on the catalog, can range from 500€ to 5000€ (indicative price). Each case is considered separately because there are many factors which affect the final cost.


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