World Wide Way Easy Fast Effective Get More, Pay Less

World Wide Way

the 1992 online Way

Start the design in the office,

finish it at home

& mail it to the customer for a virtual tour!


Easy Fast Effective!

1992 online

The new integrated application

of Infowood Technologies

for kitchen and bath design


Get More, Pay Less!

1992 online

Pay using it

only as long as you want!


Collaborating Companies

Companies catalogue

Αpart from system catalogs, 1992 online contains a set of known companies’ catalogs for kitchen and bath design.

Features & Requirements

Create realistic interior designs

1992 online is a user friendly and rich in features, design software for any kind of kitchen  and bath room layout.

Pricing &
Sign up

Charges depending on your needs

Whether you are a professional designer or you’re just starting out, 1992 online has a pricing plan that works for you.

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